New Projecto

Work In Progress / 22 February 2019

Long time no posty.
This have been hectic times, got out of studio I was working on and now it's freelance time. Moving and getting my sh*t back together was hard but necessary. 

Now it's time to dive into my folio, that's just a disgrace. I feel it barely represents my skills, so this is why I've started the blog here, to share a bit more of what I do beside art production and all.

On the other side, I've wanted to develop a game for ages and now I feel I really can, so I've been trying to come um with ideas for a games that had to be simple to execute but with great player agency. But that is for another blog post.

Meanwhile I'm cooking some characters for my folio, that will probably serve on my game.
Here's a wiparoo of one of them.