Alien faces concept pipeline

Making Of / 19 July 2019

So I've started digging out ways to improve my concept design pipeline on Zbrush regarding iteration and tried it out on some alien faces. 

Started with a base mesh and sculpted two different heads(in 2 different layers) and a couple of adjustment layers.

With this I've produced a number of variations. This are some examples with only two layers(+ 2 more adjustment layers). 

Imagine with five or so! 

Obviously this are very low and rough, some need serious proportion tweaks and some are just unusable, but it's a pretty cool idea (not originally mine :P)  to generate ideas about possible facial features and general forms.

After a bunch of tries I ended up choosing 3 and developed them a bit further. One is completely different from the bases, and two pretty similar to their bases with a bit of mix.  

I feel that the source material on this case was scarce, and poorly structured.
Maybe if I had those 5 heads and some general adjustment layers I could  juice it out a bit more and have even more interesting results.

Oh and this is also sweet if you want to create creatures. I know this isn't new, but surely cool.  

Concluding,I believe this pipeline is just awesome, not only fills your mind with ideas but it's great for concept production because you can separate features ( briefing stuff ) and mix them at your will ( or client/director). This saves a lot of time and headache.

Cheers guys! hope you dig it!